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These features are available in each Shop Package

Use your own Domain Name

Using your own personalized URL, will make it easier for your brand to stand out on the internet. Your customers can easily find your shop. If you don't have a domain name already, please let us know and we can quickly register one for you.

Easy Product Management

The Shop interface makes it easy to add products to your shop. You can specify the product details as well as upload photos. There is a 360 views and zoomable images feature provided on the product page, to showcase your products in various angles and views, thereby increasing your chances of selling.

Shopping Cart

Using the Shopping Cart, customers will have a convenient way to select items to buy and a place to store them. The shopping cart also easily calculates what has been purchased. and retains this data so the customer can come back later and complete transaction. As the business owner, this will ensure you deliver exactly what the customer orders.

Order Management System

The order Management System will enable you provide quick and accurate services to your customers as it saves time in order processing. It will also eliminate mistakes as the orders coming from multiple channels can be centralized, reducing errors and loss of data. The Order Management system also updates the Inventory in real-time and saves you from over-selling and ensures customer satisfaction.

Social Media Integration

With your shop connected to Social Media Platforms, you have the opportunity to connect with billions of people around the world. When you link your social media platform with your shop, it will help you build your brand and increase the number of your customers as your customers will trust your products and services.

Shop Finder

Using the Shop Finder your customers can be guided directly to your Shop location to quickly find the products they need. This accelerates closure of sales as visitors are provided with the information they need to proceed with the purchase quickly while they are still motivated. It also provides customers with the convenience of picking up products which are located within their proximity.